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                   Making Star Point Blocks 

   These "blocks" save time and effort when made with my cut down method. The cut down method is when you sew fabrics together and then cut out the square instead of cutting each piece with a template before you sew.

    Check out the Quilt Block links and the Project links on the home page to see designs that use these "Blocks"


   A swatch is a piece of fabric cut without measuring it.









  Make sure you have at least a half inch above the point where the three fabrics meet. Also make sure you iron the seam open and iron it really flat


  This is what you should have after you have joined all three swatches. 


  You can use whateve size template you need for the project or quilt block you are making. If you don't have a template you can send me an email at patchesbyr@yahoo.com  and let me know what size template you would like. They are free.


   The lines on this template cross at the 1/4" line giving you a 1/4" seam allowance. The template corner at the bottom needs to be centered in the burgandy fabric. Look at the lines on your template and make sure you have the same distance from the corner on each side. 



    Lay the fabric on a mini cutting mat and firmly hold the template down. As you cut with the rotary cutter rotate the mat but do not let go of the template as you do. Accuracy at this point is a good idea. If you let go of the template it is hard to set the template back on exactly where it was. Then you get a square that is not too square. If you need to after cutting you can gently trim the corners to get a square that is square.


            The finished Star Point block

     Make a lot of these in colors of your choice and lay them out to see what designs you can make. Have fun!




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