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     bostonblock8   Making Boston Blocks   


    The cut down method- Sew swatches together and then cut out a square from the center with a template.

    Swatches - fabric pieces cut without measuring or a great way to use up lefover scraps.

   Bostonlight2   Bostonmedium5                      














    If your block is not quite square after you cut- trim the corners carefully.


     I use a 1 1/2" acrylic template for most of my projects. You can use whatever size you need for the project or quilt block you are making. I like to cut a small strip of sand paper and glue it on the back of the template out of the way(not on any lines in the center)

 You can send me an email at patchesbyr@yahoo.com   and let me know what size template you would like if you need one.


    Make up a lot of these in lots of color combinations and lay them out on your work table. Experiment with placement and color arrangements to get designs you like.

    Use them in my projects or use them in any quilt block. If you look at traditional quilt blocks  you can see where this method can be used in place of the traditional way of cutting out squares and triangles and then sewing them together.  Card trick can be made this way  and of course the Boston Star quilt block.  Look at my Boston Block Quilt Blocks page and  see other quilt blocks using this "block".

 My cut down method saves time and effort especially if you do all the steps in an assembly  line fashion and cut out lots of blocks at one time.

Any left over scraps can be pulled apart and reused in the next "blocks". I never waste anything. I make blocks in 1" and 1 1/4" sizes also. The 1" go into my keychains and the 1 1/4" goes into checkbook covers and eyeglass cases and billfolds as well as mini quilts and bookmarks. 

                    These 'blocks' are a great way to use up scraps!

                                                     Have fun!!!!!    Rhonda



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